DLUX® Foldable Cart With Folding Wheels (D567)

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  • No assembly needed, unbox and go.  All wheels are already attached to the cart.
  • Patented DLUX® carts include automatically deploying wheels; when the cart is folded, the wheels automatically fold flat against the cart.
  • New model cart folds flatter, and take up less space in the trunk of your car, against the wall in the closet, or under the bed.
  • The cart is durable, with higher weight capacity than many on the market.
  • The cart is made for carrying all kinds of goods, including groceries, laundry, picnics, camping and sporting items.
  • The carts are ideal for quick trips to the corner supermarket or convenience store, reducing the need for grocery bags, a step towards an Eco-friendly living.

Additional information

Weight 16.8 lbs
Dimensions 44 × 5 × 21 in


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