DLUX Electric Bug Zapper Racket Rechargeable Fly Swatter With Dual LED Flashlight (Green And Red,2Pk)

$13.99 USD

  • Built-in rechargeable
  • Maintenance-free and high capacity 600mAh battery
  • 100% safe for humans and pets
  • 2 Layers of protection in case of accidental contact *With an Extra Safety Button*
  • Built-in Blue LED light attracts Insects for a faster extermination.
  • No assembly need it *easy to use*
  • LED flashlight *Detachable*
  • Dimension: 21.1/4″-L * 9″-W * 2″-H
  • Durable, lightweight and portable
  • Colors: Green and Red

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DLUX Rechargeable electric insect swatter racket with dual LED flashlight and built-in blue light helps trap mosquitoes and flies faster. Some of the highest quality zappers available. With high capacity 600mAh rechargeable battery there is no need to buy batteries. Built-in Flashlight is detachable and very handy in case of emergencies. – Dual Voltage – When switch is down it activate the LED flashlight and when switch is up you activate the bug zapper racket by pressing and holding the safety button on top which also admits a blue light that evoke flying bugs.

When the electrically conductive body of a fly nearly bridges the gap between electrodes, a spark jumps through the fly. A capacitor attached to the electrodes discharges during the spark, and this initial discharge usually stuns or kills the fly. Many flyswatters have a three-layer grid to prevent people from touching both electrodes. The outermost grids or rods are at the same electrical potential, and are open enough to allow an insect to contact the inner charged grid.

Due to this precaution for humans, the initial shock is usually inadequate to kill flies, but will stun them for long enough that they can be disposed of. This electrical models do not have to mechanically crush the fly against a hard surface to kill it, avoiding the smeared mess this can create.
The electrical grid can be relatively open, reducing air resistance and a rush of air that often deflects smaller insects around conventional swatters. Because of this, electric swatters can also be very effective in killing airborne mosquitos and “no-see-ums”.


Additional information

Weight.9375 lbs
Dimensions21 × 9 × 4 in


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